Mother of 4 Wants All Her Bills Paid…In Exchange For Sex and Food


Remember this woman who made herself semi-famous with the post on the right(see image below)? Well, I went through her recent posts to see exactly what type of person we are dealing with here. It’s the same story we see from a lot of women these days. Gimme. Gimme. Gimme.

On Sept. 5th, Ms. Byerson posted the comment on the left seeking only love and equal living arrangements. She then proceeded to bombard her profile with daily notifications of her upcoming birthday. While she got lots of ”Happy Birthday” comments NO ONE got her a cake or any gifts, to which she whined and cried about incessantly on numerous posts.

Image: Victoria Byerson, mother of four Facebook posts. 
Warning! Contains Graphic Language and Content.
Click image to enlarge.


A week or so later this steaming mad self-entitled woman went from ”Let’s make it 50/50” to ”Screw that 50/50 mess, I want someone to pay ALL of my bills and take care of my 4 kids”. My, my, how quickly things have changed. Someone should have bought this inconsistent creature a cake! Now she’s out for blood.

Gentleman, you have to beware of women like this. They are edging ever so closely to the dreaded “Wall” and often times dragging along insurmountable debt, extremely bad credit, several undisciplined children they can’t afford, and more self-entitlement issues than a pack of hungry lesbian feminists at a pro-choice parade.  Protect yourself at all times from women like this and avoid the simpish cuckold men who lavish them with praise and adoration.
They will get what is coming to them and she’ll be back on the prowl seeking her next victim. Cheers!


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