Women’s Mind Games


Women’s mind games wouldn’t be so serious if you could just ignore them. But if you do, they will change the game from a personal one, to one where they damage others perception of you. They will create situations where you look like an a-hole if you don’t do what they want. They will make you jump through their hoops or they will socially damage you…with friends, family, co-workers, the public, or whoever they have access to. They are like malicious children with no ability to feel responsible for any damage they cause (you made them do it by not doing what they wanted in the first place you see). By refusing to play their game they feel (everything with women revolve around how they FEEL) like you are attacking them. So, whatever they do in retaliation to hurt you is your fault, you see. They act like men are dangerous animals that must be controlled/leashed. But it is really because they have no inherent power, so whatever power they gain must be gained via proxy over men’s power. They must control men’s inherent power (thus gain power themselves), or destroy men (for fear men could use their power against them).