Ladies, The Dumber You Are, The More Likely You Are To Be Single

What women hate more than anything is the fact that the “working world” isn’t easy. It’s extremely hard to balance a family, social, and work schedule. They’ve always had it easy. Sitting at dad’s home dreaming about sitting in another man’s home in a life of security that men gave her, of course. It’s like never leaving the womb. Women in general do not feel secure without a man. Again, it’s a crazy world out there and women refuse to realize exactly where they are – in a jungle. Men are not allowed to feel safe and secure. Men are constantly on guard and at work because women constantly need our supervision and protection. Yet, they mask this need for supervision with their constant need for attention and vice versa. If women need help they act like they love you. If they need love women act like they want their dad/boss. This is how they balance out being a woman, a weakling, and childish. They can’t escape this pussy ass lifestyle and it drives them insane. Penis envy is REAL. Jealousy of men’s bodies is real. They cover all that up by pretending to obsess over their own body, which they actually hate because there is no way to be a perfect woman. Women are still humans living in a violent world full of traps and jungles. They’ve made themselves dumb and weak on purpose, not because that it what men want from them, but because they are lazy and childish. You can become the greatest basketball player, the greatest mechanic, the greatest astronomer, and be proud of yourself, but 10’s come a dime a dozen. Being beautiful isn’t that hard and most so-called beautiful women aren’t even that good looking. They are completely fake. Nothing naturally beautiful about them. Yet, they all want to be the best looking thing on the planet, which won’t even last. An education lasts. Skills are usable. Women are trying to gain working and academic skills, but they have failed to do one thing. Stop waving their vagina around in the process. They can’t stop bending over and poking their ass out while at the same time claiming they are trying to stand tall and courageous.


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