Women Need Constant Supervision


A friend asked, “What’s wrong with women? They want a man, but don’t wanna have sex? My reply was that, “Women want you to pay for dinner before you even get to look at the menu. They feel if they can get you into this backward illogical way of thinking, and cause you to totally rely on emotions, then they will have some sort of power of you. You see, women, most of them, do not have physical power over men, so they reach for it in other ways, and it’s usually with spying and manipulation. 10 times out of 10 they will accuse you of doing the very thing that they are secretly doing to you aka blame shifting. When they get caught they claim “that’s how women are, and if you can’t deal with it then you are not a real man”. Women need constant supervision, but they mask that truth with their additional need for constant attention.

In a reproductive and hormonal sense, men aren’t any more dependent on sex than women are. They simply feel and are taught that it’s “their card”. Women as a whole, despite their individual denial, are constantly selling sex at every turn of the corner. Just like cars, drugs, and music, it is being marketed to you as one big dealership. However, when you show up, they will stab each other in the back for that one customer. Ask yourself this; How do women shop? They touch and grab at everything, right? How do men shop? They know what they want, go get it, and come home, right? The illusion that men are out there just trying to fuck everything in sight is simply part of the same ole’ manipulative game of accusing you of the very act they are guilty of.”


One thought on “Women Need Constant Supervision

  1. Women want to have sex. If your woman doesn’t want it, it’s probably because you aren’t turning her on. Sex in pornos isn’t sex women want, it’s made to get men off quickly. Sex that women want is very different. Be a man and go learn how to satify a woman. AND women are adult human beings. If you don’t approve of how your current partner is using her free will then, like the rest of us, chuck her and find someone with similar values. Life is painful for everyone. Learn how to deal with it as a dignified man rather than as a whiny, spoiled brat.


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