Manipulative Women

She is not interested in exclusivity so much as her being the only one he can turn to for sex and sexual intimacy.

“She is not interested in exclusivity so much as her being the only one he can turn to for sex and sexual intimacy.” – Esther Vilar, The Manipulated Man

“A woman will want a man to be exclusive to her in a relationship, not because she cares about losing him to an other woman, but because she wants to more easily control him. The conditional statements she makes are designed to be unquestioned, morally sound, and mask her real intentions under the guise of love. “If you love me, then you won’t have sex with an other woman”. She is not interested in exclusivity so much as her being the only one he can turn to for sex and sexual intimacy. If his actions cause her grip over him to weaken, she makes him feel guilty by feigning that he has emotionally hurt her and labeling him a “cheater”.

Men are also trained from a very early age to view marriage as the ultimate goal of any relationship. However, a man has nothing to gain from marriage. It is instead left unexamined by men, why they should take pride in asking a woman to marry him. Women simply contend that it is the ultimate gesture of true love, and that nothing could be more romantic. In an effort to please women and cater to her happiness, men feel a strong desire to get married. However, a woman’s goals are different.

Marriage is simply a way of making it nearly impossible for her workhorse (man) to leave her, and allow her to no longer put in the effort of trying to keep him around. She wants the legal right to half of his assets and income, and support for the children should he decide to leave her. When men try and cater to her romantic desire for marriage under the guise of love but try and isolate it to just love and no financial or legal aspects involved (ie. a pre-nupt), a woman will always object. She will do her best to hide behind the guise of love and romance, claiming “if you really love me, then you won’t need one” and “it’s unromantic, there is no yours and mine, just ours”. However, her intentions are anything but romantic. She wants security, the financial and legal security that a marriage with no pre-nupt provides her.” – Esther Vilar, The Manipulated Man

It’s all a game! 

A friend asked, “What’s wrong with women? They want a man, but don’t wanna have sex?”

My reply was that, “Women want you to pay for dinner before you even get to look at the menu. They feel if they can get you into this backward illogical way of thinking, and cause you to totally rely on emotions, then they will have power. Force is unnecessary. You see, women do not have physical power over men or most males over the age of 12, so they reach for it in other ways, and it’s usually with spying and manipulation aka simple fraud through blame shifting. 10 times out of 10 they will accuse you of doing the very thing that they are secretly doing to you. When they get caught they claim “that’s how women are, and if you can’t deal with it then you are not a real man”. They need constant supervision, but they mask that truth with their additional need for constant attention.

”In a reproductive and hormonal sense, men aren’t any more dependent on sex than women are. They simply feel and are taught that it’s “their card”. Women as a whole, despite their individual denial, are constantly selling sex at every turn of the corner. Just like cars, drugs, and music, it is being marketed to you as one big dealership. However, when you show up, they will stab each other in the back for that one customer. Ask yourself this; How do women shop? They touch everything, right? How do men shop? They know what they want, go get it, and come home, right? The illusion that men are out there just trying to fuck everything in sight is simply part of the same ole’ manipulative game of accusing you of the very act they are guilty of.” – Sam


2 thoughts on “Manipulative Women

  1. yep, and yep… I haven’t seen anything different in my life… 28 years of constant bullshit, manipulation, guilt tripping… and selfish, hateful, greed.


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